If you like my work - there are a number of ways to bring some home for yourself!

Want a handful of cards, a tote or another small goodie?

If you really love one of the designs you see here, or on my instagram, most of them are available for purchase on my Zazzle store. There you will be able to put the design of your choice on a whole range of products, from cards, to totes, to stickers, to mugs!

Interested in a bulk order for your friends or employees?

If you really really love one of my designs and want a whole lot of them for an event or group - please contact me directly via the contact form or directly at LexiDoodlesArt@gmail.com and I can help you find the right product, design and price.

Need a personalized design?

If you like my style and feel like your life would be improved by a personalized set of thank you notes, Christmas cards, a new logo for your business, or a poster to stare at for hours to find hidden objects and to color in - please contact me directly via the contact form or directly at LexiDoodlesArt@gmail.com. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating all of those and more for clients and would love to help you have a little more love, whimsy and adventure in your life.

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