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5 years ago, a new friend asked what I did. I started to explain what my job was, and he quickly stopped me and re-phrased - “what do you do besides work?” Quietly gulping like a fish I stalled, and then said the only thing that came to mind - “I doodle.”

Shortly afterwards I had the pleasure of supervising an SAT prep class for a group of rambunctious teens, and to keep myself entertained when I was unneeded - I doodled. Lining a small table with butcher paper I grabbed a handful of colorful sharpies and created a roughly 3’x3’ picture search in which I hid 100 wave shapes amongst a variety of swirls, dots, fishes, triangles and more. A colleague nicknamed that and my subsequent picture search drawings ‘lexi doodles’ a play on my name Lexi Doolittle.

The start of 'Lexi Doodles'

I have spent the time since building a portfolio on Instagram, and waiting for the day when I thought my creations were good enough that someone else could be inclined to pay me for them. In the Summer of 2019 I was asked by Camp Wohelo to create a poster picture search of whatever size I desired, and I got so excited it ended up being roughly 5’x’5’ with over 300 hidden girls, canoes, frogs, names and mementos. The hand-cramps and dried up pens aside - I was in heaven - and knew the time had come when I wanted to do more than just post pictures of my work, I wanted them out in the world spreading their joy beyond my reach.

So massive, so detailed, and so so so much fun to make

So today I have a dedicated instagram (see below), portfolio, and an online store at Zazzle. And I am enjoying every moment of creating new designs with even more whimsy, love and adventure to share with new and old friends.

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