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About Me

5 years ago, a new friend asked what I did. I started to explain what my job was, and he quickly stopped me and re-phrased - “what do you do besides work?” Quietly gulping like a fish I stalled, and then said the only thing that came to mind - “I doodle.”

Shortly afterwards I had the pleasure of supervising an SAT prep class for a group of rambunctious teens, and to keep myself entertained when I was unneeded - I doodled. Lining a small table with butcher paper I grabbed a handful of colorful sharpies and created a roughly 3’x3’ picture search in which I hid 100 wave shapes amongst a variety of swirls, dots, fishes, triangles and more. A colleague nicknamed that and my subsequent picture search drawings ‘lexi doodles’ a play on my name Lexi Doolittle.

I have spent the time since building a portfolio on Instagram, and waiting for the day when I thought my creations were good enough that someone else could be inclined to pay me for them. In the Summer of 2019 I was asked by Camp Wohelo to create a poster picture search of whatever size I desired, and I got so excited it ended up being roughly 5’x’5’ with over 300 hidden girls, canoes, frogs, names and mementos. The hand-cramps and dried up pens aside - I was in heaven - and knew the time had come when I wanted to do more than just post pictures of my work, I wanted them out in the world spreading their joy beyond my reach.

So today I have a dedicated instagram (see below), portfolio, and an online store at Zazzle. And I am enjoying every moment of creating new designs with even more whimsy, love and adventure to share with new and old friends.

The start of 'Lexi Doodles'
So massive, so detailed, and so so so much fun to make

Get Your Own Lexi Doodle!

If you like my work there are a number of ways to bring some home for yourself! Some of my favorite cards are available under the "Shop" page, or you can find other fun in the links below!

Want a handful of cards, a tote or another small goodie?

I have a whole bunch of other cards, stickers and totes available for purchase on my Zazzle store. There you will also be able to put the design of your choice on a range of products, from cards, to totes, to stickers, to mugs!

Interested in a bulk order for your friends or employees?

If you really love one of my designs and want a whole lot of them for an event or group - please contact me directly via the contact form or at LexiDoodlesArt@gmail.com and I can help you find the right product, design, and price.

Need a personalized design?

If you like my style and feel like your life would be improved by a personalized set of thank you notes, Christmas cards, a new logo for your business, or a poster to stare and share - please contact me directly via the contact form or at LexiDoodlesArt@gmail.com. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating all of those and more for clients and would love to help you have a little more love, whimsy and adventure in your life.

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Check out my latest work on my Instagram account @Lexi_Doodles